Use macrame hanging plant holders or other means for the best plants for hanging baskets outdoors. This way, you can add beauty to your surroundings.

What are the facts about Hanging Plants?

• Over 300,000 different identified plant species grow at the same time.
• In 1278 AD, Pople Nicholas III first certified the founded Botanical garden in the Vatican City.
• The sunflower is one large flower. However, each head is composed of tiny flowers or florets. These ripen to form the seeds.
• Strawberry has around 200 seeds that are present outside the fruit.
• The Orchid plant namely Vanilla planifolia produces pods offering Vanilla flavoring.

What are the Best Plants for Hanging Baskets?

Here are the lists of the best plants for hanging baskets outdoor, which are being utilized by people all over the world.

1. Begonia:
Begonias are bright-colored, well-textured, and shaped. These plants thrive well both indoors and outdoors so they make good hanging plants outdoors. Begonias are easy to maintain. While potting, use rich and organic potting soil. Place those in areas that do not receive direct sunlight. Touch the topsoil and only if very dry then add adequate water. Also, add fertilizers to the pot every 6 weeks.

2. Eastern Hay-Scented Fern:
Eastern Hay-Scented Fern thrives well in shade or partially sunny areas. These plants make one of the best hanging plants outdoors since these quickly grow and fill spaces. Eastern Hay-Scented Fern is yellow-green and has a similar scent like freshly cut hay.

3. Jade:
Jade is easy to maintain as long as you are careful while watering the plant. You should allow the plant to completely dry out between watering. Every 3 days, check the soil to ensure that the plant is moderate dry. If the soil feels too dry to touch, then add water. When the Jade plant does not get enough water, it leaves shed and can develop brown spots.

4. ‘Marble Queen’ Pothos:
‘Marble Queen’ Pothos is the most popular hanging plants outdoors and indoors. The beauty of this plant is that it removes airborne toxins and purifies the air. Also, this plant does not need extra care and can survive with low maintenance. During the fall and winter months, these plants can survive when the soil is completely dry. Add very little water to the soil. You can use spray bottles to moisten the soil and leaves.

5. Tassel Fern:
Tassel Ferns are perfect hanging plants outdoors when you wish to fill large spaces. You can easily fill your porches and patios with Tassel Ferns that multiples rapidly. However, Tassel Ferns require shady areas so hang those in areas that never receive direct sunlight. Water the plants at least 2-3 times a week.

Above, we have provided you with the best plants for hanging baskets outdoors. In addition to the names on the list, you would discover many more. Always select plants that grow natively and are easy to maintain.

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