The Conservatory gardens offer custom designs and solutions of indoors and outplants for commercial and residential uses.

The success of our vertical gardens begins with the right selection of plants for space and aspect.

Whether at ground level or high up on a balcony or rooftop, our qualified team of horticulturalists grow our plants at our Heatherton hothouse. We provide high-quality plants for all our gardens.

We work with you to help you select the right plants for your garden and design brief.

Our qualified installers are there to ensure your vertical gardens and irrigation is installed safely, correctly. They also ensure all standards to the highest building and landscaping.

We offer a final follow up complimentary maintenance service for all vertical gardens.

We even follow up after 6 weeks of installation to make sure your garden is settling into space.

The Conservatory Bentleigh provides a variety of options to select the right plants. Service and Maintenance is also provided.